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    Another CG shot based on Nathan Fowkes' concept for Rio 2.  This was a lot of fun to make.  Original artwork can be found HERE

  • 1623331789044c66-herons-at-sunset-Nathan-Fowkes-study.jpg

    This shot is loosely based on Nathan Fowkes' study for Rio 2.  Used 3DSMax, Vue, and just a little adjustment in Photoshop. 

    Original art can be found HERE

  • 9bab0b72291402ba-dirt-road.jpg

    Did this one from memory.  The dirt road where I broke my bicycle.  3DSMAX and vue extreme.

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    Look test for a new video...

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    Look test for a new video...

  • 8a069d72f62fc4fa-image.jpg

    And finished. 

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    This is where I just block in the values, and try to just get the mood/darkness the way I like 

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    Starting to get the tones in. 

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