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  • Clouds and atmosphere

    Clouds and atmosphere

    Exploring the atmosphere editor in Vue in preperation for a project that will involve alot of aerial shots.

  • 3 Caves Photogrammetry

    3D model of 3 Caves in Huntsville Al created with permission from the Land Trust of Huntsville.  Used Smart 3D capture and over 300 photos from around the rim and inside "the bowl" to create this 12 million polygon model.  Rendered and lit usting Mental Ray and 3DS Max.

  • Board Art

    Board Art

    Did this with Posca paint pens.  The board is 11' 6" long.

  • Photogrammetry tests


    Testing out Photogrammetry with Autodesk 123D Catch.  We shot around 50 photos using the Canon 5D Mark III.  We used very indirect flat lighting, so the lighting seen here is from 3DS Max.  This is raw scan data, and without any refinement whatsoever.

  • Indian Encampment

    Indian Encampment

    This is based heavily on Albert Bierstadt's "An Indian Encampment".  Used Vue xStream, 3DS Max, and Photoshop for touch up.  The original image can be found HERE

  • Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains

    Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains

    This is based on "Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California (1868)", by Albert Bierstadt, who is a Hundson River School painter. Used 3DSmax with Vue xStream and Photoshop for post.  The original painting can be found HERE

  • 577786e2943ac495-image.jpg

    One of my large paintings framed and installed!